Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Best Computer Game Ever Made?

Well, that would have to be Ultima IV.


I agree! I like the ultima trilogy by Richard Garriot starting with Ultima IV to Ultima IV, personally it was Ultima V that got me hooked, the game was extreme and unique, it reached outside the tiny box and computerscreen by additional stuff shipped with the game. Stuff such as cloth map, aluminium amulet, a Book of Lore among other things… truley a self hosted world with loads of adventures, own writing system and without fixed storyline… i love it! Ultima IV rock too, but since i have never felt the Ultima IV clothmap in my hands i guess my impression of the game is not the same as your own experience Perry. Do you got the original box?

Ultima V page on Gudinna Wiki - Lots of outgoing links and oddities ;)
My own metafying mapping software showing the fanout from my Ultima V page. - Cool stuff, (my map is resonating with my wiki-sites visitors visiting patterns :)

Please tell me if you figure out how my mapping engine works without reading the sourcecode ;)
Can you spot the difference with the mapping link i posted above with this link …meta-link #2…How many different kinds of maps can you create using these two mapping systems?

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